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Engineering Designs

The decision to set up Engineering Design Services, Inc. was driven by one principle: customer satisfaction. The development of the business philosophy of Engineering Design Services was our most important goal in the formation of our company. We understand that it is essential to our success that we are closely aligned with our client’s overall objectives and that our primary goal at Engineering Design Services.

We collaborate with our clients to accomplish a shared purpose. We consider our clients as part of our team and make the required sacrifices to maintain long-term relationships. Having worked together for years, we agree that the staff of Engineering Design Services, Inc. are well trained and committed to delivering the standard of services needed to ensure consistent customer satisfaction.

With a qualified and experienced team, Sanmay Engineering can offer the best civil engineering designs for the requirement with practicality.

2D & 3D Drawings

With the steady growth of the construction industry, the global architectural design industry is gaining pace and design consultants are becoming highly competitive. Architectural CAD drafting services are continuously increasing with this.

Sanmay Engineering is here to guide with our variety of 2D drawings & on-demand 3D visuals upon request of our client.

Construction Solutions

The Construction Solutions practice within Sanmay Construction is one of the leading commercial management providers and dispute resolution services on complicated projects overall engineering, construction, and similar industries in Sri Lanka.
Drawing on years of blended experience on some of the world’s most complex and mission-critical construction projects, Sanmay Construction has a proven track record in providing solutions to help our clients reduce risk and prevent, mitigate and resolve construction problems.

We can offer you solutions on household constructions to commercial buildings within your budget with a fully documented BOQ. 

Domestic Electrical Solutions

We provide a wide range of design, installation and maintenance services to domestic and small to medium-sized enterprises in Sri Lanka for all kinds of electrical services. We only use products from reputed manufacturers with exclusive attention to ensuring the safety of customers and the institution.
Offering a fast and successful response to our customers’ needs, we are committed to quickly attending locations and quickly and efficiently providing urgent decisions for our customers, for whom time is money.
And we make sure our service suits the budget of the client, and we have detailed project quotes before the start of the job.

With the following CEB standards, our professional technicians can help you with your electrical needs.

Domestic & Industrial Plumbing Solutions

We can quickly and efficiently take on any residential plumbing requirement, spanning the complete range of installation, fitting, maintenance and repair services.

Using correct and practical methods of plumbing, Sanmay Engineering offers you total solutions on plumbing.

  • Blocked Stormwater Drains and Repairs
  • Leaking taps, toilets & showers
  • Drain camera (CCTV) & Locator
  • Electric Eel
  • Burst Water Pipes
  • Hot Water System Repair and Replacement
  • Water hammer
  • Kitchen Renovations & Bathroom Modifications
  • On-Site Waste Water/ HSTP Systems
  • Water-Saving Device installations and Audits
  • Specialise in alterations and additions to amenities for the Aged and Disabled
  • Dishwashers and Garbage Disposal Units
  • New Installations

Steel Work Solutions

Our experienced team of qualified professionals provides the expert installation of custom steel applications. We are proud of offering premium craftsmanship for residential and commercial customers, respectively.
We can do any steel project at Sanmay Engineering for residential, industrial or commercial use.
Our clients use the services we provide as each solution is customized to meet their requirements. These solutions are made up of the range of services and expertise we provide to work with different metals and other materials and are either carried out at our workshop in-house or built by our engineers on-site.

From simple steel staircases to large structural columns and beams, Sanmay gives you the cost effective ideas on steel work.

Attention to detail Finishes

In our company, we believe the motto, “If something needs to be done right, you have to DIY”, so forth we are aware of the clients’ need for the elegant finish.


Construction Consultation

Construction consultant may work on various aspects of the construction industry. This includes project management, procurement, surveying, architecture, analysis, construction management and so on.

We are happy to help with your construction-related matter and our trained professionals are here to offer their unbiased opinion.

Completed Projects


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